Low Residence Garden Design

Everyone wants different in their private territory. Working with the Low family, a sustainable garden is what they want in their daily life. Here comes our micro-climate responsive landscape in place for them.

The design of the garden intents to soften the edge of the building and procide a welcome and easy outdoor environment by introducing dynamic landscape features including native flora and natural materials. In addition, the proposal applies micro-climate design principles as key drive to offer a much more comfortable landscape areas for daily uses, which matches sustainable lifestyle for the family.

    The design takes consideration of views from both ground level and first level of the dwelling. Overall formal spatial arrangement is considered in the frontyard. Diverse plants sit adjacent to the footpath, which provides a welcome atmosphere at the entry and privacy from the street. Sloped lawn which lies between front garden and entry steps enables tidy and spacious frontyard when viewing from bedrooms at the first floor. The proposal suggests extend the front door concrete steps for a better appearance and meet the level requirement. The flower beds by the both sides of the entry steppers add color and shapes to the front wall. They will soften the hard material and add colorful views to the white wall.

    Backyard garden offers a great oppportunity for the family to wander and play. Two small terraces create dynamic spaces for views and uses. Borrowing views from the garden, tranquil and beautiful native gardens can be all enjoyed in the indoor swimming pool. Siting in the flat lawn, a panoramic view of the entire backyard can be captured. Multiple paths are provided to navigate through the garden. Raised garden/veggie beds/plants are to provide fruits and vegetables, while trees and climbers can provide shades.