Tunnel of Time

‘Journey & Home’ depicts a combined complicated experience of travelling out and returning home.

The design completes the concept of paper cranes by telling a narrative that is unique to the place. Through a dynamic and artistic free form integrating with lighting technology, the art installation attracts people by creating interactive experienceas well as wayfinding function to the site.

    The artistic feature also analogy mountain as the habitat of the paper cranes while the Pinyu LingYunLi community is the home for those who reside and travel here. That enables a welcoming environment and inviting people to engage with the art as their unique journey in the Pinyu LingYunLi community and enhancing a sense of home there.

    Extracted from this concept, the twisting edges of the art piece represents winding paths in the mountain and points to the journey that is about to start. This start reflects and connects the beginning of the initial artistic installation at the entrance of the building. Also, through manipulating the form, it returns from the art proposal under the sky corridor to its home. It tells the story of people’s journey.