Flexi Street | Comfort Street | Smart Street | Future Street

By understanding of the local and surrounding environments on Wending Road, being flexible enables access for all users including pedestrians, cyclists, drivers under the consideration of safety for all within a shared traffic configuration. Both separate and shared road systems reorganize travelling and parking spaces, which maximize the use of the road.

    With the knowledge of micro-climate conditions along the road, the design aims to create a comfortable corridor in all seasons for pedestrians and cyclists who live in the local surrounding areas. As non-motorized movement across Wending Road are quite high, being comfortable when walking or cycling offers an opportunity to stop, gather, and revitalize all spaces along the road.

    Becoming a smart street encourages people to engage in their daily lives. A wayfinding signage helps people to navigate in the space. A street furniture offers a resting spot. A row of street trees reduces heat in hot summers, while deciduous trees allows warmer winter. Scanning a barcode can leads you to the right retails around the road, while the app will give you the detailed information about a display furniture in public space. Lighting textiles for pedestrian or cyclist crossing ensures a safer street interface.

    In the future, the street will no longer have street parking spaces where can be utilized as bike parking. The design considers a long-term solution for the road and plans minimum adjustment to maximize the uses of the spaces. In the first stage, street parking is for short-term visitors and local retail customers. For a later stage, street carpark can turn into bike park with easy access for cyclists.