Solar Tree

The solar tree supports lives, triggers imaginations and creates memories.

When thinking about the source, the Sun is the one thing that comes to people’s mind. The Sun gives lives on earth. Vegetation thrives when the first sunlight penetrating through white clouds and initiating photosynthesis in leaves. Then you can imagine numerous replicated cells that form organs and organic matters, which support the overall health and ecological balance on earth, and also add to the complexity in lives day and night. As the wavelengths of the sunlight divided into visible and invisible to human eyes, the visible spectrum creates dynamics in people's life and the invisible one can be converted into energy for sustainability and advancement in life.

    The solar tree situates in a linear park beside the light rail that transits to and from downtown Abu Dhabi. As the light rail passing by, residents and tourists on it will catch a glimpse of the solar tree beside and start to wonder what the magnificent tree-like artworks are. That short glimpse intrigues passengers' curiosity and desire to explore that area and then the location becomes part of their journey in the country.

    Adjacent to residential blocks and offices, the solar tree acts as a primary leisure space and a shared outdoor square for local communities. At the early morning of a particular weekday, the street starts to get busy and people commute through the place under the solar tree and suddenly notice the changing atmosphere, especially the shadows with various colors on them, on the ground and on all the objects they walk past. That draws them back to this place and try to find out what was so special there under the solar tree. As the numerous colored shadow projection constantly changing, they can never experience the same and they will be always exploring. The solar tree becomes an attractive destination over time that people cannot resist because every moment is unique and dynamic.