Super Gate, Beating Heart

The design is dedicated to creating a living landscape structure and a rhythmic spatial system. The design concept of the Super Gate, Beating Heart is derived from the understanding of the current planning and the outlook of the future of the Super Bay.

From the intersected spatial structure of one center and two cores, cross-shaped axes and habitat, the concept is associated with the pulse rhythm, energy gathering, vitality providing to sustain unique properties of the livings. The Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base as an important development core is to promote the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Therefore, its central landscape plays an important role in integrating and directing transportation, ecology and other complex systems as well as creates a significant exchange portal.

    The Super Gate regards the central green axis as a passageway for various types of flow fields (traffic flow, pedestrian flow, information flow, energy flow, etc.). The eco-dome located in the ecological center and the sky screen of the activity center echo each other to form the entrance of the energy channel and to shape the New Portal connecting the mountain-sea ecological corridor. The concept of Gate further reflects the welcome and acceptance of energy exchange in internal and external spaces and the flow of resources and personnel between cities.

    The Beating Heart reflects the elaboration of One Center in the current planning. The central green axis is regarded as the heart of the Super Bay, the source of energy flow and the center of the transportation hub. The living landscape requires both dynamic and static rhythm like beating pulses as a reference for the vibrant or peaceful atmosphere in the landscape design. In the proposal, the topography, the elevated walkway and the bicycle path are designed to be undulating and rhythmic, which provide people with diversifying experiences such as resting or sea-viewing. Meanwhile, considering the importance of ecological suitability in the mountain-sea ecological corridor, a comprehensive planting design strategy is to provide sustainable spaces for both human and other species. That will give a new life to the ecological green axis and the public greening center.